Preferred Contractors

Under Construction Please Reach Out for a Referral

Cottonwood Home Inspections is here to help you get your dream home. We want to do more than tell you what is wrong with your home. That is why we have done extensive research and vetting to help you connect with local contractors in the Central Vermont Area. We are putting together a webpage with an exclusive access for CWHI clients. Contractors on this list are names that we have either experienced and approve of their work, or they have been referred by another source. Please do know that we have no connection with these individuals, we are not responsible for any of their work, or have any financial investment. We try to provide only reputable options, we would love to hear back about your experiences- good or bad.

Below is an application to be added to the "Preferred Contractor List"

Please fill out as much info as you can. Clients-use the reference section to tell about your experience (good or bad).