Drone Services

Going Where No Other

Inspector Goes

One of the most important part of a home inspection is the roof. One of the more incomplete part a home inspection is also the roof; as it is often too high, material can be damaged by walking on and is a very dangerous endeavor.

Cottonwood Home Inspections makes all attempts to provide the most complete and comprehensive inspection. That is why (with appropriate conditions: weather, FAA authorization), we deploy a drone to inspect the roof. Cottonwood Home Inspections is licensed and insured for commercial drone work. We use industry leading drones with sophisticated cameras and safety sensors.

Our drone roof inspections lets us see the entire roof from all angles, giving us the ability to detect sags, deflection, bad flashing, deteriorated or damaged roofing and other defects. We can safely access chimneys, exterior siding, windows, roof flashing. Besides flying above the roof, if it is safe, we will also mount the roof to gather a closer inspection.